Nancy Lamerigts, 17-04-2020

“Challenges and opportunities” NASS president reflects on COVID-19 and spine care

As the world’s healthcare communities continue to lead efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, non-essential procedures in a number of fields, including spine care, have been scaled back to preserve resources and protect patients. Speaking to Spinal News International, North American Spine Society (NASS) president William Sullivan (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA) reflects on the impact that the pandemic has had on the spine community to date, and what its lasting legacy could be.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted everything in spine care, including pain procedures and surgery, but also everything in medicine,” Sullivan tells Spinal News International, commenting on the emotional, physical and economic toll that the virus has across the healthcare profession. The curtailment of elective surgeries in countries including the USA and more widely, has been well documented. However, …. click link to read the full article

Challenges and Opportunities COVID-19 and spine care

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