Nancy Lamerigts, 23-01-2024

The ‘catchy’ Utrecht Spine Course

The upcoming 5th edition of the Utrecht Spine Course is catchy, because of the 2024 edition theme ‘Spinal Infections’.

When: 22-23 March 2024

Venue: University Medical Centre Utrecht

Registration: Registration for the course will only be possible via

In this course UMCU concepts will be interactively shared for the clinical care of patients with spinal infections, both in the native and operated spine. Clinical work- up, conservative therapies and various surgical approaches will be discussed. Treatment algorithms for spinal infections will be shared to help you to treat these patients in your own hospital in the future. Next to lectures, there is ample time for case-based discussions and interaction with the faculty. For a limited group, a cadaver lab with hands- on training of different (innovative) techniques is provided on Saturday.

Experienced Enthusiastic Faculty: Drs. S.J.H. Diederen (neurosurgeon), Dr. W. Foppen (radiologist), Dr. D.H.R. Kempen (orthopedic surgeon), Drs. D.D. Krijgh (plastic surgeon), Prof. Dr. M.C. Kruyt (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. N. Moayeri (neurosurgeon), Dr. T. Mudrikova (internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist), Dr. S.P.J. Muijs (orthopedic surgeon), Prof. Dr. F.C. Öner (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. R.J. Rentenaar (medical biologist), Prof. dr. L.W. van Rhijn (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. S. Sadiqi (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. T.P.C. Schlösser (orthopedic surgeon), Dr. J. van Tiel (orthopedic surgeon), Prof. Dr. H. Weinans (professor of tissue biomechanics and implants).

Program in the PDF UtrechtSpineCourse2024-invitation

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